Carolina Aurora

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Photo escort girl Carolina Aurora: the best escort service
Photo escort girl Carolina Aurora: the best escort service
Photo escort girl Carolina Aurora: the best escort service

Carolina Aurora, Nezavisni model.

Poslednje viđeno: 2024-04-17 21:27:43

My name is Carolina Aurora and I am an independent companion based in Prague, the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic.

I do mainly enjoy the girlfriend experience appointments, when both my clients and I may feel, like having an enjoyable proper date together. Exploring Prague city hand by hand and overall enjoying both the social and intimate part together.

I am a very natural-looking woman, perhaps, as the woman next door kind of girl. I do wear a minimum of makeup myself the same as I do like to wear comfortable but still feminine clothes. I do not have any piercings or tattoos.

I am a petite girl, 160cm tall, blessed with a fair complexion, green eyes and many shades of natural brown hair. I do have a slim body with some lovely curves in the right spots. I do believe I do have an hourglass figure, smaller nb.2 size natural breasts, which I love.

Regarding my personality, I am a quite relaxed and easygoing person who loves nature and animals, and thus I am a vegetarian myself. I do like to smile a lot, and I am curious about a lot of different things. I can also be a good listener too. I am a total abstinent myself, so I do not smoke, drink any alcohol or use drugs, however, I would not mind you enjoying a glass of wine or cigarette yourself.

If you would like to learn more about myself, I would recommend you to visit my website where you can find the most recent content, including my recent pictures. You may also contact me directly via my email address if you wish.

I am already looking forward to hearing from you. See you soon in Prague city.



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  • Call - +420777111253


  • Call - +420777111253

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  • Više puta:Dozvoljeno je više puta
  • Fotografija:Realna slika
  • Datum sastanka:18-10-2023
  • Trajanje: 1 day dani
  • Grad:Prag
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Carolina is intelligent, multifaceted, has a great sense of humor and is very down-to-earth. TL;DR: Would absolutely love to see Carolina again the next time I'm in Prague. (And I am working on that.)

On our scheduled meeting, I was pretty nervous, apparently pacing around enough to annoy the denizen of the room downstairs. It was thus some relief when she called to let me know she arrived a little early. Headed downstairs, and there was Carolina, smartly dressed for a walk about town. Though her web site photos are accurate, they do not adequately capture her beautiful smile and the kindness of her eyes. She exudes cheerfulness, and that helped melt the nervousness.

We hugged, then spent the next few hours walking through quieter neighborhoods of Prague, getting to know each other. Walking worked up an appetite, so we agreed to get a bite to eat before heading back to my place. The restaurant she recommended was a nice break from the extremely meat-heavy, traditional Czech cuisine that I had consumed the day before.

Back at my place, we sat on the couch and eased into more cuddling and kissing, then shower, then more kissing and slow exploration ensued! We eventually proceeded into the bedroom. Clothes slid off, and mutual pleasuring was had. This was the experience I'd been hoping for, a balanced combination of social time with light flirtation that naturally evolved into a more intimate evening.